DataHerd, Inc. is headquartered in Falcon (Peyton), CO, just outside and to the east of Colorado Springs, CO. The DataHerd staff has over 50 years of combined experience in creating ease-of-use technology products along with lifetimes of involvement in the animal industry. DataHerd’s Chief Engineer and Software Development Manager is certified by Microsoft as a System Engineer, Database Administrator, and Software Developer, as well as being a member of the Microsoft Empower ISV Partner program.

DataHerd is committed to enabling the animal industry with technology that provides simple, easy-to-use methods to manage all types of animal event data, beginning with the data required by the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Our primary purpose is to serve the small - medium sized animal producer, and our pricing structure reflects this commitment. Although inexpensive to purchase and easy-to-use, we believe that DataHerd products are fully functional in larger operations where the inputting of animal event data in rapid succession with minimal errors is required.

DataHerd’s Animal Event software uses a step-by-step, menu driven approach that any computer novice can master easily in a few sessions. No complicated screens full of hundreds of figures. Just the basics => step-by-step. Additionally, our software provides the ability to electronically upload, FAX, and yes – even print out and mail in JUST the data required by the NAIS. And, in the meantime, your data is safe and secure on your own PC.

So to sum it all up – safe, secure, easy-to-use, & inexpensive. That’s DataHerd !